How well do you know the Gospel Message of Christ?

There are DIY guides to access the afterlife, 10 ways to perfection, 7 gospel truths, 2 ways to live, 1 way not to live and a really painful headache at the end of all that reading. Sigh. Why is the most influential and life changing story of mankind so simple yet so hard to understand? Wouldn’t it be easier if God wrote it down somewhere? Lucky for us, he did. Read more How well do you know the Gospel Message of Christ?

What is the Good News for this person?

What is good news for this person?

This image has struck me at my core. I have had a print-out of it in my office this past month or so, and each time I look at it I am challenged. As a potential chaplain in the military what would I say if I came across one of my soldiers in this condition. Would I be able to say anything at all? Read more What is the Good News for this person?


Our church is holding a series on the 7 Deadly Sins this term. Looking over the kids church lesson for this week it dawned on me that we all struggle with sin, but just trying to shed sin might not be enough. What do we replace it with? Luckily for me my church kids ministry manual pointed me in the right direction. Read more Pride

ANZAC Day Address 2011

This is an ANZAC Day address that I was asked to present to a retirement village this year. It was a privilege to attend the ANZAC ceremony at Vele.

I enlisted in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corpse in 2006 and I am currently a student at Queensland Theological College studying to become a Padre to serve defence force personnel.

The 24th of April will mark the 96thanniversary since soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps made their stamp on history. Read more ANZAC Day Address 2011